Reliability as standard

DRAGON on the tracks

During a cere­mony held at War­szawa Wschod­nia rail­way sta­tion on June 9, 2016, Newag S.A. officially han­ded over to Fre­igh­tli­ner PL the first out of five DRAGON loco­mo­ti­ves.
These are cutting-edge, 6-axle elec­tric loco­mo­ti­ves equ­ip­ped with an addi­tio­nal die­sel engine for ope­ra­tions on non-electrified end lines, and at sidings. These loco­mo­ti­ves were fully desi­gned and manu­fac­tu­red in Poland.


Transport of glass sand


Recently Freightliner PL transported glass sand for Huta Szkla Tur (Glassworks ‘Tur’) for the first time.

The transportation of glass sand is a specialised process which requires the wagons to be exceptionally clean. Freightliner PL has implemented technology that allows each train to carry a larger amount of glass sand which ultimately means the number of services required is reduced. Freightliner PL looks forward to continuing a long term relationship with Huta Szkla Tur.

Freightliner transports grain

This year, on November 16, FPL launched the first transport of grain in its history. The train, composed of 33 Uagps rail cars, took fodder corn from Poland to Germany.

FPL was the first carrier in Poland to rent the Uagps type rail cars, which are used for carrying grain and fodder materials, and are widely operated in Southern and Western Europe.

This is a new market for FPL and has involved a year-long process from planning through to implementation.

Slabs in Freightliner PL rail cars

Freightliner Poland recently operated its first train with slabs, transporting the semi-finished product for further metallurgical processing. The transportation was completed successfully with safe loading and unloading.