Reliability as standard

Transport of aggregates

With its modern rolling stock, FPL provides transports of aggregates in Poland and Germany

Transportation of aggregates is a market segment where FPL offers the greatest value added. Besides transports, we also offer shunting in the unloading terminals as well as unloading services.

FPL co-operates with the largest Polish and German aggregate and mineral quarries as well as a number of construction companies. Thanks to the quality of our services we have also become a significant aggregate carrier on the German market.

From Poland to German with a single locomotive

Thanks to our modern locomotives, certified in eleven countries, including Poland and Germany, FPL carries out cross-border transports without changing the traction vehicle.

FPL has been carrying out regular transports between Poland and Germany since 2007. Class 66 locomotives, certified to operate in other European countries as well, make it possible for trains to cross the border without changing the locomotive, which substantially saves time. So far FPL has transported over 1.2 million tonnes of aggregates cross-border between Germany and Poland.

FPL is involved in the renovation of railway infrastructure

FPL is engaged in developing railway infrastructure in order to improve and optimize the transports.

FPL actively supports projects related to the renovation of railway tracks and sidings so that the freight transported for the customer can be unloaded as close to the investment site as possible.

In 2009, FPL contributed to the reopening of a rail track section no. 415 between Gorzów Wielkopolski and Świątki. By carrying out the transports of aggregates, FPL was engaged in the organizational part of resuming the transports, helped to draw up the essential documents and obtain the required permissions.

Cross-border transports

  • Efficient cross-border transports
  • No change of locomotive on the Polish-German border
  • Transports within Germany

Siding services

  • Transports of freight and shunting by a single locomotive
  • Drivers qualified to perform shunting and wagon inspections
  • Round-the-clock dispatch service